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How to Transfer Domain from Bluehost to Namecheap in Less Than 30 Minutes


Here’s an easy to follow guide on how to Transfer your domain from Bluehost to Namecheap in under 30 minutes or so with step by step screenshots.

I’ve been a bluehost user for a long time since 2012, When i signed up for bluehost, i got a free domain until the site is hosted with them.

When a sudden peak in traffic ( site is Education niche ) caused temporary ban forcing me to either upgrade to VPS or dedicated servers.

I don’t want to upgrade but at the same time i want my site up, so decided & moved my site from bluehost to A2hosting and it’s been doing great since then handling more volume of visitors.

Then i decided add SSL of moving site from http to https. I don’t want to have that domain on bluehost anymore. So decided to transfer domain from bluehost.

For domain registration, i always prefer Namecheap for the cheap price plus free whois protect as well as the awesome support from their team.

Step by Step Guide on Transferring Domain to Namecheap from Bluehost :

Log in to your Bluehost dashboard > Domains

Check the domain you wish to Transfer to Namecheap, here in below screenshot, i’ve checked my domain on left side and on the right side i’ve got few control options.

bluehost domain transfer

Now, Goto Transfer EPP tab, and copy the CODE which will be required to authorize this domain transfer to other registrars.

bluehost domain transfer,epp code

Also, click on “Lock” tab, and click “Unlock your domain” , after that you’ll see the page as given below,

bluehost domain transfer,transfer domain to namecheap

Now, the first part is over, now you need to visit Namecheap Domain Transfer page – Click Here

You’ll be redirected to Namecheap’s Domain Transfer Eligibility page next,

domain transfer,namecheal,bluehost

Just enter Authorization Code you copied from Bluehost Transfer EPP page, and Add it to cart & complete payment.

In the next few minutes, you should be getting an email from Namecheap regarding your purchase of Domain name along with Domain Transfer Request email for your domain.

Just click on the transfer request link & click Approve Transfer. Thats it.

Once you’ve done it, you’ll receive ” Confirm Registrar Transfer ” email from Bluehost which you should click ” Approve Transfer” .

This will speed up the Domain transfer from bluehost to namecheap very fast.

Usually Domain transfer takes upto 24 – 48 hours but if you contact Namecheap Live Chat – Domain transfer team, they’ll speed up the entire process.

I did requested them to fasten the transfer & they gladly did . My domain from bluehost has been transferred to Namecheap within half an hour.


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