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How to Install WordPress on SiteGround Cpanel in Less Than 5 Minutes


If you’ve just signed up for Siteground hosting or looking to start a new blog on wordpress ? This simple tutorial will let you know how to install wordpress on siteground hosting .

Before going into the tutorial, for beginners in order to create a new blog , you need to have a Domain Name ( yourname.com ) and Hosting account ( to host your site online ) .

I usually register my domain on NameCheap as they offer Free Whois Guard + Cheap SSL on the market , if you’re starting – you may also go with Free Domain name offered by Siteground .

So, i assume you’ve got your domain name and siteground hosting now . Unlike other hosting providers like ( Bluehost, Hostgator, asmallorange ) , SiteGround offers custom CPanel with neat and clean interface .

In this tutorial, i’m going to show you the installation procedure i went through for my blog ( www.bloggerscrunch.com ) . For the first time signed up for Siteground hosting with 60% discount for annual plan .

Since i’ve registered my domain on 3rd party site ( Namecheap here ) , If you had chosen Siteground’s free domain, you no need todo this step .

So i’ve Domain + SSL and Hosting now, what i did next is install SSL certificate on Siteground cpanel, if you’re not sure how to do it, i’ll write an article on how to install SSL certificate on Siteground may be next week .

How to Install WordPress on Siteground Hosting Cpanel ?

Gone are the days, where you’ve to manually create Database, Download & Upload WordPress software and connect it to install & run your blog .

But nowadays, we’ve many One click installers that comes preloaded with the Cpanel on most of the hosting service providers .

Siteground hosting too has one-click installer Softaculous for wordpress , joomla, magneto and others, but we’re looking at WordPress in this article.

  1. First step after login, please Add your Domains by going to the DOMAINS section > ADDON DOMAINS ( click )

addon domains,siteground,wordpress,tutorial

2. Enter New Domain Name : www.bloggerscrunch.com and password and click ” Addon Domain ” .

install wordpress,siteground hosting,how to add domain name3. You’ll be greeted with ” Successfully Added ” message on the next page. Now, go back and click ” WordPress ” on AutoInstallers section .

install wordpress4. On the new page, Click ” Install ” and scroll down a bit to see Software Setup options,

click install,install wordpress,create blog,start blog5. Choose which version you want your blog to be, i normally choose ” www ” version, since i’ve got SSL, i chose ” https://www ” here . and next choose your Domain Name that we’ve added in just recently .
install wordpress,new blog,wordpress 6. You’ll see “ Site Settings ” section , where you’ve to enter Site Name ( Blog Title ) , Site Description ( Blog Description ) , enter different Admin Username and difficult password , click  “INSTALL ”

wordpress site settings,install wordpress,new blog

7. It should take only few seconds to Install WordPress on your selected domain name in Siteground , and then the WordPress Admin URL , Blog URL will be displayed on the success page .

The WordPress Dashboard URL will be : http://yourblog.com/wp-admin

You may then login to WordPress , install new themes, plugins, publish new articles on your all new wordpress blog . Since this blog is aimed at helping beginners, we’ll also post on those topics .

Hope you like this simple tutorial on How to install wordpress on Cpanel using One Click installers on Siteground Hosting . If you’ve any doubts or queries, don’t hesitate to post your comments .



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