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How to Install / Renew SSL on Namecheap Hosted on asmallOrange cpanel


Recently SSL on one of my site had expired and i wanted to renew it as soon as possible before Google start showing error in its SERP.

I’ve purchased an SSL certificate on Namecheap for an offer price and wants to install it on the domain that i host with another company asmallorange.

If you’ve a site that have domain & hosting on different companies, you may want to read this guide on how to activate or install SSL on Namecheap.

In Short:

  • I host domain with Namecheap
  • I Host website with AsmallOrange

What i’m going todo:

  • To Renew SSL for the domain techinsimple.com

How to Activate Expired SSL on Namecheap with Hosting on another company

If your SSL is expired, there is no way other than to install it manually again. Here thats what i’m going todo.

Follow the simple guide to activate the SSL so as your domain doesn’t loose its value in Google Search Engine Results page when the g-bot crawls next time.

After getting few reminders saying that my SSL has been expired and having now free time, i decided todo it now than later.

1.Login to your Hostin Cpanel, here asmallorange -> Goto SSL Certificates -> Generate CSR

2.Enter domain name, company, country, state etc and click ” Generate ”

generate CSR in cpanel

3. Now, copy the CSR info and paste it somewhere which we’ll need shortly on Namecheap.

4. Goto Namecheap -> Products List -> Click ” SSL ” which needs activation by clicking ” ACTIVATE

SSL activation namecheap

5. You’ll get a popup where you need to Paste CSR you just copied from your host,

enter CSR on namecheap SSL

6. Click NEXT where you’ll choose right server, as my site is hosted on Cpanel i choose the second option and click next.

choose cpanel option on namecheap

7. Now, choose validation method, though there are multiple ways todo that, i usually choose Email as its very simple,choose ssl validation method

8. Choose admin email on Step 4/5 , to receive the SSL Certificate issue confirmation.

9. As soon as i click NEXT, i received an email from Comodo to confirm the Email Validation,

On Comodo webpage, you’llĀ  see confirmation.


email validation of SSL

10. Within next few minutes, you’ll receive CRT, CA bundle zip file as well as the CRT info inside the email. Just copy it, and goto Cpanel -> SSL Certificate -> Manage -> Choose your domain name -> Paste it -> then Click ” Autofill by certificate “.

Click ” Install Certificate

CRT installation complete namecheap

SSL Activation is successfully completed now.

This steps are same for both new installation as well as SSL renewal .

In my case, SSL certificate was expired and i just renewed it by installing new SSL for the domain on cpanel.

Apart from this, i no need to do anything on the coding side like http to https redirection, since the site was created with https:// as protocol when i installed wordpress.

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If you’ve any doubt or question regarding How to renew SSL on namecheap or asmallorange hosting ?

Do post your questions on comment section. I more than happy to help you solve the issue.


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