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Guide to Setup CloudFlare Free SSL in WordPress the Quickest Way


Learn How to setup CloudFlare SSL certificate for free on your wordpress blog without paying any cost.

There are very few Free SSL certificate provider among them Cloudflare has easiest way to setup on wordpress powered blogs.

how to install ssl on wordpress,how to setup cloudflare ssl,how to install ssl using cloudflareIf you’re hearing CloudFlare for the first time, they’re one of biggest Content Delivery Network providers offering free CDN service that powers millions of wordpress blogs around the world.

Why SSL ?

Google recommends webmasters to move their site from http:// to https:// that will give visitors a secure experience blocking unauthorised access to user data.

You might be aware of Google Chrome showing “Not Secure” on websites that doesn’t have SSL installed.

So if you have SSL added, Google shows “Secure” on its address bar which gives user a good first impression.

Can i get SSL for Free ?

Yes. The Cheapest SSL from NameCheap costs $8.88 while other domain & hosting providers offers for higher cost.

But don’t worry. Cloudflare offers free CDN plan with flexible SSL option that is enough for a website to enable https:// on the site.

How to Set up CloudFlare SSL on WordPress ?

1.Sign up for a new account on Cloudflare here ( login if you already have one )

sign up for cloudflare ssl

2. Enter your Domain name , click “Add Site” , on next page ” Choose “Free Plan” & click NEXT,  your DNS records will be shown up & CDN will be enabled for your domain on the next page, don’t change anything just click ” Continue ”

add your site to get ssl,add ssl to wordpress

3. Click Next, where you’ll be given two DNS Nameservers, Copy both,

cloudflare ssl,cloudflare nameservers,how to get cloudflare dns


4. Now login to your domain registrar, goto settings/domain management option where you can change Nameservers, i host my site at bigrock & namecheap-> now Change Name Servers to Cloudflare’s.

change nameservers,free ssl,cloudflare

5. Once done, goto Crypto section on MENU on Cloudflare, enable Flexible SSL.

activate SSL on cloudflare,flexible ssl on cloudflare

6. Now login to your WordPress dashboard , Install CloudFlare Flexible SSL plugin.

Make sure you have changed http:// to https:// on WordPress General Settings for WordPress URL and Site URL fields.

Thats how you enable SSL on your wordpress blog for Free on Cloudflare.

After enabling Flexible SSL on cloudflare wait for few minutes and check SSL Checker tool to know whether the certificate is issued & activated.

I use SSL Labs site to find out the status,

Sometime CloudFlare SSL would result in infinite redirect loop issue, if you haven’t installed Flexible SSL plugin.

So don’t forgot to install the plugin.

There are some other options to get Free SSL for your site,

  • A2Hosting offers Free SSL for unlimited domains/subdomains
  • SiteGround offers LetsEncrypt Free SSL for unlimited domains

Apart from these two popular web hosting companies, i’m not sure who else offers free SSL with shared hosting services.

I enabled SSL on my Blog, Will my Ranking Improve ?

You need to understand, having https won’t boost ranking of your site on SERP, but google considers it as a minor ranking factor among others.

It’s your perfect On-Page, Site Loading Speed, Mobile Responsive, https protocol or SSL combined with relevant backlinks that helps improve your keywords ranking on search engines.

Hope this tutorial helps you install SSL certificate on your wordpress blog for free using Cloudflare.

If you have any questions or comments on setting this up ? Please post your comments. Glad to help you.


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