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5 Web Hosting Companies You Should Not Buy in 2018: What to Buy


When everyone writing about “best web hosting deals 2018”, why am i writing about ” worst web hosting companies in 2018 to stay away from “.

As you know once in every year black friday sale brings huge discount offers upto 90% on almost all product categories, so as the hosting companies which servers websites on the web.

There are hundreds of newbie bloggers or business owners who wants to create their first blog or business website to have their web presence.

Often, newbie bloggers ends up following some pro bloggers,

Once they read nicely written tutorials, guides on blogging they become follower and consuming content of what they write to influencing purchasing decision of what they recommend.

There are some genuine pro bloggers who care for their readers, sharing deals / offers only that give value to the users.

But there are also other type of so called pro bloggers who promote shitty products & services just because they get paid with good commissions.

This post is just to create awareness among newbie bloggers who’re just starting out with blogging to not to fall for the prey of worst hosting companies.

But what they don’t realise is those web hosting companies recommended by even some of the big players in the blogging space are not upto the mark when it comes to performance, tech support.

The Best Hosting Providers You Hear are the Real Worst Companies

Take for example , most of the so called pro bloggers promote bluehost, hostgator, justhost, interserver which are all owned by same company EIG, that’s not a matter here but the fact of the matter is all of them are having low performance servers, poor support.

Many of these big names in the blogosphere do these hosting recommendations based on the affiliate commission they get from these companies.

There are different tiers of commission structure offered by these companies, and sometime you can demand the highest commission from them, because you’ve the right audience base and they’ll get the sales, you get the commission.

That’s how it works.

Other thing many of the customers from the above said brands complaining on number of sites per server.

If you’re signing up for shared hosting, then hundreds of websites are put to run from a single server and you never know about who run the sites, what niche they run whether its legal or illegal sites.

What are the Worst Web Hosting Companies ?

First of all i would like to mention that i’m writing this after having used the service myself, not just writing without trying the hosting services,

  1. Hostgator
  2. Bluehost
  3. Interserver
  4. Bluehost India
  5. Godaddy

worst webhosting,worst hosting companiesThe main reason for ranking them in companies you should not consider buying are,

  • Slow Performing server
  • Unreliable : So many downtime
  • Poor Support: I used to wait for hours to get connected to hostgator live chat support, same for Bluehost too.

These are the 5 popular hosting providers you should not go with for hosting your blog or website. Not to mention you may have seen atleast one of their ads on social media or search or video or on any other sites, they’re everywhere and they’re very aggressive in advertising.

What are My Recommended Hosting Companies ?

Okay, those mentioned above are worst hosting providers, so what are those so good web hosting companies that you would suggest ?

Well if you ask me that question, i would recommend only 4 because i’ve only used them, i will add to the list if i happen to use any other hosting service,

  1. SiteGround
  2. A2Hosting
  3. NameCheap
  4. aSmallOrange

You may be wondering about the list, where comes Namecheap into the best hosting companies list ?. You may be knowing Namecheap as best domain registrar company but they’re also providing webhosting service and they’re doing best in it.

Well, you may not have heard about NameCheap’s awesome support for hosting services, their support team even go extra step to keep the customer happy, i’ve had so many experience to share ( may be on a separate NameCheap Hosting Review post ).

Siteground hosting, i assume you may have heard about this company, they don’t advertise they’re the best or they don’t offer cheap hosting coupons or deals but they’re so genuine that they want to provide reliable hosting service, they’re very serious about customers, so they have plans targeted for specific audience.

A2Hosting would be first on my list if they improve quick live chat support, the best thing about A2 Hosting company is that the blazing fast performance of the server, you would really see the web page loads so faster.

That’s what i felt after moving from bluehost to a2hosting back in 2015.

When it comes to speed, A2hosting ranks on top.

Same with asmallorange too, live support keeps you waiting before you get connect, and the support is not that great too. But the thing is server performance, website issues , downtime is very less with asmallorange.com.

So these are the webhosting companies i’ve personally used since 2012, as i’ve already mentioned in my other post, i started with bluehost, then to hostgator.

As of now i have hosting accounts with only siteground, a2hosting, namecheap, and asmallorange.


  1. I can agree on GoDaddy being a hosting company one should stay away from. I remember early 2012 / 2013 when I was hosting a website with them, their shared web hosting servers were extremely slow, and they had this weird thing of throttling CPU power for a website if it was reaching its limits. Eventually I moved away from them and everything fell into place. After moving my website, I moved my domain name.


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